How to Rebrand Your Business Like A Boss

There are so many different reasons why a small business owner may decide to rebrand a website: poor conversions and/or sales, confusing navigation or an outdated design, to name a few.

However, as I mentioned in my previous blog The Right Reasons for Rebranding Your Business Logo, it’s essential to have strong reasoning, logic and stats behind rebranding your business.

For example, are poor conversions due to an ineffective design or a glitchy shopping cart?

Is your website truly outdated or are you just bored of the colour scheme?

This guide will help you first understand whether or not you need to reinvent your business, and if you do, how to rebrand your website in the most effective way possible.

I’m going to share a personal example for this article. We are rebranding our website at the moment. We decided this was a good idea because:

• We’re now also targeting new entrepreneurs coming from the corporate world as well as wanting to appeal to established entrepreneurs who are ready to up-level their business.

• It was time to update how we present our services on our home page. We didn’t feel that we were presenting our benefits clearly enough in some areas.

• Some of the features and functionality of our existing site were breaking down. It was time to upgrade and use newer technology to showcase our offerings.

• We’ve had some confusion around the penguin logo. Some people see a woman’s hair or aren’t quite clear on what it is.

Our first step in the re-branding process was to give our logo an update.

In the coming weeks we’ll be revealing our new website and I can’t wait for the big reveal! And before you jump into the redesign process, first determine if this is something that’s truly needed as explained next.